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“The only bully breeds that we will take at this time is under the age of 14 weeks.”

The goal of the admissions process is to provide all our dogs with the safest possible circumstances in which to play, learn, and grow.

For most dogs, daycare is an entirely new social environment. Even a romp at the dog park is very different as your dog usually has you around to provide a personal connection and supervision. Though we wish we could open our doors to every dog, not every dog wants to be, or should be, in dog daycare. We conduct a careful screening and orientation process to safeguard all the dogs in our care.

At Your Dog's Best Friends, we have developed a temperament evaluation specifically designed to provide us with insight into which dogs will adapt to and enjoy our Positive Playcare experience. We perform our temperament evaluation as part of your dog's Orientation Day Program. On that day, specially trained members of our staff conduct a physically and socially interactive "interview" with your dog to evaluate your dog's comfort level with being in the highly social environment of a dog daycare.

We begin building our special relationship with you and your dog by carefully reviewing the documentation and questionnaires that you provide. This review happens as soon as your file is complete. After the file is reviewed, we will call you to schedule your Orientation Day. The documentation and questionnaires cover three areas:

A. Owner Profile:
This information is used by our staff to learn about how we can best support your relationship with your dog.

B. Pet Profile:
Our Positive Playcare Department reviews this information to get acquainted with your dog before orientation.

C. Medical Clearance:
Our Positive Playcare Department checks this information to ensure the health and safety of all dogs attending playcare. For all dogs 16 weeks of age and older, we require documentation that reflects current Rabies and Bordetella vaccines. Our requirement for the DHLPP vaccine is either a current vaccine date or a current titer report. Puppies, between the ages of 10 to 16 weeks, must have age appropriate vaccines. Puppy owners will also be required to provide us with vaccine booster records as they are received. Dogs must be neutered or spayed by seven (7) months.