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I had a hard time believing that there could be a better way to board than having a house sitter. My Mary is a princess. My Sidney is a couch potato and my Jack is a whirling dervish. I really didn’t think any place I could board them could handle the needs of each one of my trio. And at home they get to be in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

But I always had these little worries when I was away. I was depending on a single person to watch over my brood. What if something happened? When I’m not travelling, I work from home but the sitter leaves in the morning and just comes once during the day; how would they do spending so much time alone?

Friends recommended I check out Your Dog’s Best Friends. It was great advice. These guys really know what they are doing. They are not only loving and caring but, from the moment you work with the owner, Paul Haire, in the orientation process, you know you can trust them. He takes so much care to work with each dog and make them comfortable. When he saw my Mary was a bit shy and uncomfortable he moved her along so slowly and patiently. It was a great feeling and the results were very reassuring. Now when I travel I think about what a wonderful “vacation” my pups are getting. They clearly love being there.
– Parent
Hello Paul! Just another note to thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart for taking such wonderful care of Kipling. To have him here has brought so much light and happiness--the happiest reunion--all
licks and hugs and parades up and down the stairs with high-stepping paws!
He has never looked more beautiful or been more loving and secure--that is the most incredible testament to your time with him. He arrived last night and in 24 hours has explored every nook of our three-floor house--there's
plenty of space for him inside and out and he and his little brother have been sniffing out all manner of new games. A little jet-lagged, I think, as they were up half the night and slept regally stretched out on the downstairs rug most of the day, but in the highest of spirits--calm and happy. What a joy to be back with my Kipster again. Frick and Frack
reunited. We'll keep taking photos of our boy regularly and will send them over to his godfather in Alexandria to keep you up to date on all his China
adventures. What a best pal you have been to him this past month and always. With many furry Kipling hugs and all our thanks.
– Reese and Dean
We just wanted to write to say thank you to you and your staff. When we came to you we thought that Kirby’s problem was out of control. It was breaking our hearts. We had already talked about what if we had to give him up. You guys saved the day. Positive Playcare is everything you promised.
– Parent
Whenever we turn onto Route 1 near our house and head north, Buddy runs to the front seat plants his paws on the dashboard and glues his nose to the windshield and does his “happy feet” dance. If we turn off Route 1 before getting to your place, he runs to the back of the car, plants his feet on the back window and barks his disappointment.
– Parent
One day I was stopped at a street light on Route 1. I was looking over at the parking lot and saw a dog get out of a car. The dog ran as hard and fast as he could up the stairs of the building with owner in tow. When I saw the sign saying that it was a dog daycare, I called the wife and told her I had found the right place to bring Maverick. Nowadays, Maverick tugs me up the stairs just as hard and fast as he can.
– Parent
We have an entirely different dog. We didn’t even think about that when we signed up. We just needed to get him out of the house so there would be a house to come home to. We just wanted to be sure we had him in a place that could let him play hard enough to tire him out. We got so much more. We loved him before, now we love living with him.
– Parent
I have nothing but BZs, kudos & props to give Paul and the staff at YDBF. They genuinely care for the dogs as if they were their own. There's a reason the dogs all pull on their leashes to get in the door (watch when you drive by). My dog goes 5 days a week 8:00am - 7:00pm; it truly is his "home away from home."

I encourage anyone who is contemplating enrolling their pooch in doggie daycare to stop by and talk to Paul, the owner - he's extremely dog-savvy and he'll answer all your questions. As far as the price, not only is it competitive, compared to the $25 a day I was spending for a 20 min walk, $30 a day for 12-hours day of doggie bliss is a deal!
– Yelp Reviewer
"Positive Playcare"

This is the gospel that the wonderful folks at Your Dog's Best Friend preach. It's more than just an indoor dog park. It's grooming, boarding, training, and doggie daycare. Located right near Potomac Yards, YDBF offers a great opportunity for you and your perrito/a.

We brought our little prince in for some much needed doggie daycare, as we are expecting another permanent houseguest very soon. Paul, the owner, walked us through the orientation process and before we knew it, our dog was romping around playing with the other dogs having an awesome time! All of the boarding and daycare is cageless, so there is no guilt about crating your dog up all day.

They offer a HUGE indoor facility with fun toys and things to keep your dog occupied, along with a highly trained friendly staff. The rates are a bit steep, but wouldn't you want the best for your best friend?
– Yelp Reviewer
Our dog Moses has been going to YDBF since we adopted him about 4 months ago. We were apprehensive at first, as his previous owners had said he did not get along with other dogs and had trust issues, but we could see that this was a kind-hearted dog in need of lots of love and attention!

Before we adopted him, we emailed the good people at YDBF and they were very supportive and responsive, guiding us through his adoption and adjustment to our home even before we were clients. We took him in to meet with Paul and the crew and they were amazing during his orientation and helped him get to know the other dogs in the group gradually and with lots of TLC and encouragement from the trainers.

When we came to pick him after that first "orientation" day and he was SO excited. It was clear that he had had a life changing experience in there and was thrilled to have all these new canine & human friends. We've been taking him 3 days a week ever since and he's become completely comfortable, calm and respectful around other dogs, and he practically jumps out of his skin when we ask him if he wants to go to "school" in the morning. We are SO happy to have found such a great place for him and to have him so happy!!

His own actions might be the greatest testament to Your Dog's Best Friends' credit...The other night he had gotten out of our fenced in backyard and gotten lost in the neighborhood. We were terrified and frantically trying to find him when the overnight boarding trainer from YDBF called us at home. Moses had found his way to YDBF and was sitting outside the door, wagging his tail and ready to play! We are SO lucky to have a place like this in our neighborhood, and so glad that Mo likes it so much, he seeks it out himself! But we're looking into getting a better fence anyway.

There is not enough good we can say about Your Dog's Best Friends. They are great at what they do and have made Moses so happy...we are so grateful! I'm SURE you'll be too!
– Yelp Reviewer